• My Last Blog

    This will be the final blog post from myself, Jo Price West. Over the last few years I have posted a few hundred blogs on various ProjectWise topics which I hope you have found to be valuable. Jo Price West is actually a pen name for the Bentley ProjectWise Professional Services Team, and the posts have been the collective effort of many in the group.  In today’s time of social collaboration it is time for the real rock…

  • Seeing Security Inheritance

    Seeing the Access Control Inheritance on Your Folders and Documents

    Want a quick and easy way to see if access control in ProjectWise is inherited?  Use the access control tab in the preview pane in ProjectWise Explorer.  Look at the folder and document security areas.  If security is inherited, you will see a small green arrow pointing down next to the folder or document icon.  Hover over the particular folder or document…

  • ProjectWise Tweeters to Follow

    For all of those who are already on Twitter, here are my two top people to follow. 

    @AlGray tweets about Engineering Information Management with topics important to all of us in the eB and ProjectWise world or anyone interested in the future of information management.

    @EddieJAnderson has regular posts about ProjectWise which includes insider information, tips and tricks, and future release information about ProjectWise…

  • Setting the Default Number of Documents Displayed in the Web Client

     I had a user ask if it was possible to increase the number of documents displayed in the right pane when a folder is selected in the ProjectWise SS4 Web client. By default it is set to 30. How do I increase this value? Open the FlexibleList.ascx file located in the following folder on the web server:


    Locate the following line and update the PageSize value to the desired…

  • SharePoint and ProjectWise in a Sandboxed Environment

    SharePoint allows for secure development environment for developers to use for custom web part code deployments and testing.  This particular SharePoint environment is referred to as a “sandbox” environment.

    A SharePoint sandbox environment has several security features to insulate a SharePoint Production ready environment from contamination and security breaches.  Since the sandboxed environment runs in such…

  • ProjectWise Training Content on BeConnected

    New ProjectWise training is now available on the BeConnected web site.  This content is available to all SELECT subscribers.  These sessions can be used for new or existing users of ProjectWise who don’t have available classroom training.  

    ProjectWise Explorer Client - Interface Introduction
    ProjectWise Explorer Client - Locating Content
    ProjectWise Explorer Client - Projects and Folders
    ProjectWise Explorer Client…

  • Checking Configuration Variables During a Managed Workspace Load

    Several ways can be used to check the value of a configuration variable including using the -msdebug switch and checking variables in MicroStation. However, it is sometimes hard to find out what value a variable is at a certain moment in Configuration Processing.  Thankfully, the %error directive makes this easy!

    The %error directive will stop the CFG processing and display a message.  The message can include a CFG Variable…

  • Set PW Publishing Background to Black

    Often times, you may want to change the background of a drawing published through the ProjectWise Web Server to black.  The steps are very simple:

    1. Start the ProjectWise Publishing Server Administrator
    2. Click on Publishing Workspace > Global Settings
    3. Under the Augment query, add the following line:
    4. Click the Submit button
    5. Restart the Publishing Service


  • Indexing Ignored Words

    When indexing text for the ProjectWise processor FTR (Full Text Retrieval), we have all heard about the “ignored” words such as ‘and’, ‘as’ and ‘the’.  In case you are curious, here is a fairly complete list of the words that the Microsoft Indexing catalog will exclude:

    A - about after all also an and another any are as a
    B - be because been before being between both but…

  • Using a MS SQL Server Procedure to Populate Project Properties

    If you read my blog about Cascading Attributes and found that useful, here’s another way to do something similar, but a bit more complicated.

    Recently I was asked, “How do I create a SELECT statement to do this?”

    I have two Project Properties:
              @"PROJECT_Project_Number" and @"PROJECT_Billing_Type"

    Here is the logic I want to use:
              If @"PROJECT_Project_Number" is a NULL then…

  • So How Much Programming Experience Do You Need?

    A common question I get asked about the ProjectWise V8i SDK training is:

     “How much programming experience does someone really need to take the class?”

     The course description has the following requirements and recommendations:”


     Recently a ProjectWise Administrator asked me this familiar question, but with a new twist: 

     “Someone told me that they had ZERO programming experience, went to the PW SDK…

  • Access Control in Preview Pane (SS3)

    With ProjectWise SelectSeries3 release, there is an easier way to set Project/Folder and document security. You no longer need to open the folder properties dialog to set its permissions.

    As you select each folder, its’ permissions are displayed on the ‘Access Control’ tab of the preview pane. You can easily perform the following

    • Identify folder and document permissions (create subfolders, read,…
  • What is the Restricted Administrator Group?

    When a user is a member of the Administrator group, he or she will have full access to every node under the datasource (Applications, States, Environments, Users, etc.).

    Now with ProjectWise SELECTseries 3, each node has a “Granular Security” tab allowing the ProjectWise administrator to define who should have access only to a particular node.  There is also a new group called “Restricted Adminstrator” that…

  • Group and User List Membership

    Group and User List Membership

    Groups and user lists are two different ways of grouping users together in the datasource.

    Groups are typically created by the administrator as a way to group together users who need the same access rights to folders and documents. Once a group is created, you can then assign that group permission to a folder, rather than assigning each user permission to the folder, one at a time.


  • PW Variables to Managed Workspaces

    Is there a way to use Project Properties conditionally in a MicroStation Workspace?  There is a technique to do this, simply create a Workspace Variable at the Command Line using the –ws switch.

    1. In ProjectWise Admin, edit the MicroStation Application.
    2. Modify or create a new Association.
    3. In the command line arguments, create a variable with the desired Project Property:

    Example: -wsCountry=$PROJECT#PROJECT_Country…

  • PW Database Requirements

    ProjectWise Database User requirements

     ProjectWise can run on both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servers, it uses a multi-user connection in which the ProjectWise Server has a connection with the database (through ODBC or SQL Native Client). Besides this, users access ProjectWise through their own authorization in ProjectWise.

    For the Database, there is only one user which is really important and needs to be setup with according…

  • Creating a PW Network Diagram

    In all of my ProjectWise deployments, one of the first things I develop is an architecture diagram depicting a structure of the system hardware and ProjectWise components that run on them, showing how the hardware and software components work together.  In other words, an architecture diagram should include the hardware for your ProjectWise system; including key specifications such has CPUs, operating system and RAM(memory…

  • Definition of a PW Datasource

    During ProjectWise training, I am often asked what is the definition of a “Datasource”.  In general terms, the name datasource is commonly used when creating a query to the database.  More specifically, I define a datasource as a structure that contains specific ProjectWise information, such as users, groups, environments, etc. which is stored in a database.   Each PW datasource must be attached to its own database…

  • SelectSeries 1 ReadMe Files

    Readme’s have come a long way since the readme.txt files of old.  Over the years, table of contents and hyperlinks have been added.   The format of the Select Series I readme has a hyperlinked table of contents on the left and the actual contents on the right.  Some of the table of contents links are to on-line web pages.   Be aware that you can no longer scroll from beginning to end with the format.  Nor is there an obvious…

  • 8.11.7.xx - Dynamic Composition Service

    ProjectWise i-model Composer (SELECT Series 1) is a desktop application for generating i-models.

    An i-model is a read-only container which contains 2D/3D geometry as well as business data.

    You can publish an i-model which will produce separate i-models for master and reference files or you can publish a package which is a single file containing master and references.

    With ProjectWise i-model Composer, it requires…

  • Clearing Distribution Service Jobs

    When working with the ProjectWise Distribution Service, each “job” creates a variety of different files, including a copy of all files selected by the Job (and their Reference Files), any renditions, job history and more.  Over time, these files can take up quite a bit of disk space and should be cleaned periodically.  If you read the ProjectWise Implementation Guide, it states “It is recommended that you never…

  • Set Me Free

    If your user setting has been set to allow you to free documents, then traditionally you can only free your own checked out documents or the ones that have been exported by you. You can’t free documents that are checked out or exported out by other users. It is only possible if you are a member of the ProjectWise administrator group.

    With the release of ProjectWise Select Series 1, there is a new setting in document…

  • Auto Login for WEB Parts in Non-SharePoint Website and More

    I'd like to share a configuration available for default ASP.NET page, which is delivered together with ProjectWise Web Server.

    For example: In order to Auto login into ProjectWiseServerV8i.bentley.com server Datasource using SSO you need to modify the Default.aspx to look like the following:

     <td rowspan="3" class="partBody" style='vertical-align: width: 25%'>
    <pw:Navigation ID…
  • Thumbnail View

    In the new release of ProjectWise Select Series 1 (Refresh update) - version, users can see document thumbnail in the document list window by enabling View=>Thumbnail. "Preview Pane" can be turned off to recover more screen space.

    After document thumbnail has been extracted, users can see document thumbnails in ProjectWise Explorer client by enabling "Preview Pane". The "Preview Pane…

  • Simple Check-in Dialog

    Simple documents check-in dialogs could be enabled for integrated Microsoft Office applications. Here is an example of enabled for Microsoft Office.

    In order to enable it, you have to create registry strings for each application you want. Set SimpleDialog to True to enable simple check-in. In the Windows Registry Editor, find the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PW MS Word\ODMA32\Dialogs\CheckIn. Under that…