Access Control in Preview Pane (SS3)

With ProjectWise SelectSeries3 release, there is an easier way to set Project/Folder and document security. You no longer need to open the folder properties dialog to set its permissions.

As you select each folder, its’ permissions are displayed on the ‘Access Control’ tab of the preview pane. You can easily perform the following

  • Identify folder and document permissions (create subfolders, read, write and no access, etc.)
  • If the folder has its own security or inherited from its top level folder
  • Assign users and groups with appropriate permissions to selected folder and document
  • Apply current folder permissions to a different folder/document

Import/export permissions to an excel file.

  • Hey Jo, I'm "old school" and resisted using this at first.  But I had a need to add a bunch of security settings the other day and decided I needed to give this a "test".  This really made the job much easier and faster!  The "hardest" part for me was learning what each icon stood for, but quickly found that they all have a "tool tip" and it didn't take long for me to catch on.  It is really helpful to be able to "see" the security settings for all of the users/groups/user lists at a glance!  

    I highly recommend using this new feature!