Checking Configuration Variables During a Managed Workspace Load

Several ways can be used to check the value of a configuration variable including using the -msdebug switch and checking variables in MicroStation. However, it is sometimes hard to find out what value a variable is at a certain moment in Configuration Processing.  Thankfully, the %error directive makes this easy!

The %error directive will stop the CFG processing and display a message.  The message can include a CFG Variable value.  Just surround the value with parentheses or braces.  For example, to display the value of a CFG variable named “TEST”, use the following syntax:

%error The current value of TEST is ${TEST}

I like to begin the line with the name of the variable so I know what I am looking at when the error pops up.

 Here is the dialog box I will see when I launch the Managed Workspace in ProjectWise Explorer:

 It is great for testing if a condition has been met!