Clearing Distribution Service Jobs

When working with the ProjectWise Distribution Service, each “job” creates a variety of different files, including a copy of all files selected by the Job (and their Reference Files), any renditions, job history and more.  Over time, these files can take up quite a bit of disk space and should be cleaned periodically.  If you read the ProjectWise Implementation Guide, it states “It is recommended that you never manually delete files from the working directory”, but stops short of telling you how you should delete these files.

The proper way to clean the working directories is through the Service Browser that contains your jobs.  For example, if you have Processor running under the Distribution Services, connect to the Distribution Service Browser.  Once connected, navigate under Configuration > Working Directory, then right click on the working directory folder and select “Disk Usage…”  This will publish a list of all Processor jobs.  Highlight each job and click the Clear Cache button.  This should clear the Cache and Files in your working directory.

This process works similarly for all Automation Service Jobs.