Indexing Ignored Words

When indexing text for the ProjectWise processor FTR (Full Text Retrieval), we have all heard about the “ignored” words such as ‘and’, ‘as’ and ‘the’.  In case you are curious, here is a fairly complete list of the words that the Microsoft Indexing catalog will exclude:

A - about after all also an and another any are as a
B - be because been before being between both but by
C - came can come could
D - did do does
E - each else
F - for from
G - get got
H - had has have he her here him himself  his how
I - if in into is it its
J -  just
L - like
M - make many me might  more most much must my
N - never no now
O - of on only or other our out over
R -  re
S - said same see since should  so some still such
T - take than that the their them then there these they this those through to too
U - under  use
V - very
W - want  was way we well were what when where which while who will with would
Y - you your

In addition, individual letters and numbers will also be ignored.  Interestingly, adding a suffix to these words will get indexed.  For example, “get” is ignored, but “getting” is returned.