My Last Blog

This will be the final blog post from myself, Jo Price West. Over the last few years I have posted a few hundred blogs on various ProjectWise topics which I hope you have found to be valuable. Jo Price West is actually a pen name for the Bentley ProjectWise Professional Services Team, and the posts have been the collective effort of many in the group.  In today’s time of social collaboration it is time for the real rock stars to shine in their various outlets including Be Communities, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and probably a few others.  I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all of those team members who have contributed over the years and wish them the very best in their own personal outlets of ProjectWise knowledge.

Eddie Anderson
Bill DiGregorio
Martynas Jarmulka
Bryan Sapen
Dan Williams
Adrian Crowfoot
Juan Riat
Ed Torres
Kestutis Gircys
Linh Ha
Arbie Parker
Hongpeng Lau
Margitta Edeling
Patrick Scheer
Jason Hurley
Joe McLean
Kevin Boland
Michael Smith
Graham Hirst
Mark Weisman
Hans Koorneef
Keith Alexander
Benno van Ham
Bobby Mullenax
David Perrie
Holly Ross

BTW, if you scramble up the letters in my name you may come up with a product name that I hold dear to my heart!