Seeing Security Inheritance

Seeing the Access Control Inheritance on Your Folders and Documents

Want a quick and easy way to see if access control in ProjectWise is inherited?  Use the access control tab in the preview pane in ProjectWise Explorer.  Look at the folder and document security areas.  If security is inherited, you will see a small green arrow pointing down next to the folder or document icon.  Hover over the particular folder or document icon that has an arrow and an information window will pop up telling you where the security is inherited from.

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  • That is a fine way to see if an individual folder in inheriting, but what would be more useful is to have the ability to see if ANY folders are  NOT inheriting.   On large complex projects with thousands of folders, it is not feasible to go folder by folder to determine if custom access exists.  It would be very useful to have a tool that allowed you to see only custom access folders.  It would also be great after the Confirm Folder Security Changes popup was acknowledged and "Apply changes to this folder only (subfolders may still inherit them)" was selected if another popup came up and said "Some subfolders did not inherit access".  At least then you would be able to set off in search of the folders that may need additional access.