Simple Check-in Dialog

Simple documents check-in dialogs could be enabled for integrated Microsoft Office applications. Here is an example of enabled for Microsoft Office.

In order to enable it, you have to create registry strings for each application you want. Set SimpleDialog to True to enable simple check-in. In the Windows Registry Editor, find the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PW MS Word\ODMA32\Dialogs\CheckIn. Under that, create a string called SimpleDialog, and set the value to True. When simple check-in is enabled and you close a checked out document, the standard ProjectWise Check In dialog is replaced with a simple confirmation dialog that prompts the user to "Check in closed document?" They can then click Yes or No.

Also you can define automatically check-in the document by setting another ShowConfirmation key. In the same location HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PW MS Word\ODMA32\Dialogs\CheckIn, create a string called ShowConfirmation, and set the value to False. From now on document will be automatically checked-in without any dialog.

For Microsoft Excel Application documents create registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\PW MS Excel\ODMA32\Dialogs\CheckIn, and string values in side this key.