What is the Restricted Administrator Group?

When a user is a member of the Administrator group, he or she will have full access to every node under the datasource (Applications, States, Environments, Users, etc.).

Now with ProjectWise SELECTseries 3, each node has a “Granular Security” tab allowing the ProjectWise administrator to define who should have access only to a particular node.  There is also a new group called “Restricted Adminstrator” that works along with “Granular Security”.

For example, if you want userA to have access only to Applications and Environments node, you need to make userA a member of the “Restricted Administrator” group first and then assign userA to the “Granular Security” tab of the Applications and Environments node. The end result will be that userA can only view these two nodes when he/she access the ProjectWise Administrator module.

Note: if userA is also a member of the Administrator group, then he/she will have access to all the nodes, not just Applications and Environments node.