What the Web Won't Do for you

Okay, we are all aware of the benefits of using ProjectWise Web Parts to collaborate either through SharePoint or simply in ASPNet. ProjectWise web access has improved greatly over the years and boasts some great features for those users that need to view, edit, check-in/out, create, move, delete, export, free and view thumbnails of documents via the web. You can also create, modify and delete folders. However, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for the PW thick client. It just doesn't have the same functionality or speed as the ProjectWise thick client.

I have been asked in the past for a document that lists the ProjectWise commands that are not featured through Web Parts. Well here is a list of options that are currently not available via the web server. In true blogger fashion, I welcome our users to add to this list:

o Create Projects
o Upgrade folders to Projects
o Scan for Reference files (at Folder level)
o Cut and Paste folders
o Rename folders
o Open With
o Shared DGNs
o Update or Refresh server copies
o Cut/Copy/Paste
o Modify multiple attributes at once
o Manage (define) views
o Choose Columns
o Sort
o Create Custom Toolbars
o Configuring User Application Associations
o PW Messenger
o Local Document Organizer
o Scan for Reference Files (at Document level)
o Wizard Manager
o Batch Plot
o Windows Drag and Drop capability
o Spatial Integration
o InterPlot Integration
o MicroStation Batch Plotting
o Speed (it's just not as fast)


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