Are you "Employable"? Now everyone can "Be"

Register now at to receive access to free Bentley software and training. Sharpen existing skills or develop brand new skills in your own time while you search for re-employment.

About time huh? This economy is horrible. People are losing their jobs left, right, and center. This new offer from Bentley gives unemployed infrastructure professionals new opportunities to increase their competitive edge in this most challenging of job markets. That is why I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team that has just announced this fabulous new initiative called Be Employable.

The Be Employable initiative will provide unemployed infrastructure professionals with no-charge access to Bentley software and training. It will provide online tools to help users develop their own personal learning needs. And it will provide the necessary Learning Units to help workers maintain professional qualifications while they seek re-employment.

Support is provided right here on the Be Communities. And I am certain this new initiative will help many unemployed users sharpen current skills. Better still, I think Be Employable will provide the perfect route for unemployed infrastructure professionals to develop brand new skills when using Bentley software for the first time.

I could go on, and on. But I think you would be better off visiting the web site for more information at Check it out. And if this initiative is for you... I wish you much luck!



PS If you want to learn more about our V8i software go to

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  • hi tom,

    please post a comment seeking help in the forums.



  • Hello Everyone!

    I recently signed so i can practice using MicroStation V8i.

    I was sent  the down loads to load on my computer.

    Micro Station.msi


    Set Prerequisites.

    Library, utilities. cell tools etc...

    I have these stored on my "C" drive.

    My computer can operate this software, the problem I'm having is i can't start the


    I have no start icon, I click on any of the folders, and wants to reload again!

    Can anyone help me with running the MicroStation?  

  • hi bev,

    ...i am typing this from a meeting with I.S. who are enhancing our web properties to enable us to fulfill the promise.

    We are just days away i hope...



  • I am eagerly awaiting the start of Be Employable!

    It's been so quiet since I registered last month, but I see it's still alive.

    I want to personally thank those at Bentley who are making this possible. I received  the Registration Notice, but nothing else. Am I to assume that because I received the notice that I have been accepted into the program? How does it work?


  • I would also consider this initiative as 'asset building' or a skills foundations for the next global economic expansion...

    There is already a skills market capitalisation with Bentley verticals, so this initiative is a further foundation for the next cycle and for market expansion via your Be Employable programme, and possibly some other kind of minor subscription mashup...?