Collaboration, like charity, starts at home...

...which is why we (Bentley) have agreed with Autodesk to a technology-sharing agreement that will enable an entire population of infrastructure professionals to more easily collaborate on projects by sharing 2d and 3d information for reference and reuse.

Make no mistake, this is a BIG agreement for a user community that has for a long time been forced to invest much of their own time, effort, and money in overcoming the barriers present when working with information created and stored in different file formats.

Tom Sawyer from ENR didn't hold back. He commented:

"The day of the announcement, July 8, may go down as a historic great leap forward, creating a link between the two most widely used suites of architectural, engineering and construction tools."

To better define the technical bits i have "snipped" this segment from the official press release:

"Autodesk and Bentley will exchange software libraries, including Autodesk RealDWG, to improve the ability to read and write the companies’ respective DWG and DGN formats in mixed environments with greater fidelity.  In addition, the two companies will facilitate work process interoperability between their AEC applications through supporting the reciprocal use of available Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)."

Like i said, this is big for all users. But it's E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S for distributed teams that rely on engineering project team collaboration systems like ProjectWise to connect their people and information across distributed offices to enable and support real-time collaboration on work in progress.

Why? Because these folks rely on a single source of truth. They need to access, check-out, consume, edit, save, and check-in the original file in the original file format regardless of which CAD or design application they are using. This workflow is only made possible IF all parties use a desktop application that can read and write the files formats managed by ProjectWise.

The net result will be dramatically reduced rework and errors which of course will positively impact costs and schedules.

  • Clients will win - their projects will be cheaper and will be brought to market faster.
  • Users will win - they can concentrate on design rather than data interoperability.
  • Vendors will win - as users are free to select the best tool for the task at hand.

It's always nice to see folks eating their own dog-food - vendors collaborating to make sure that users can collaborate too with far greater ease.



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