From Amsterdam to Paris…

The fourth and final Be Seminar concluded on Friday in Paris, and from what I hear, it was nothing short of spectacular! The venue, the attendees, and the software made for quite a do!

One colleague reported: "The energy was excellent from all attendees ...the fact that almost all presentations were given in French was a total hit!" And the energy of those in attendance wasn't the only reason for celebration; the Cadastre and Land Development solution track was a smash hit too.

The Paris event was delivered to a packed house leaving standing-room only at the back of the main room as attendees clambered to see V8i for themselves.

What a brilliant way to close out the Be Seminars European tour, I really wish I could have supported the team by attending - perhaps next time we take a big event like this to Paris I will.

And here's a little quiz test: Do you know how many V8i products are now available for download as a part of this monumental release? (Check it out here )

I'll give you a clue... there are 10 more products available this week than there were last week - and the number is still climbing!

And if the number of products doesn't "float your boat" then perhaps you will be impressed by what our users are already doing with V8i. Check out what some of our users have achieved using the new Luxology rendering engine included in MicroStation V8i? Fantastic imagery!

Perhaps you would prefer to check out V8i for yourself?



PS As of today there are 63 V8i products available for download.

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