Give your Skills a Tune-Up!

From all the reports I have read recently the training budget is one of the first things to get squeezed when times are hard and yet training remains the cheapest, easiest, and longest-lasting performance boost you can give to any team.

It's no secret to friends of mine that I am a speed freak. Cars, bikes, whatever; I love to go fast. A passion which has taken me to many a race track to satisfy my need for speed. And when you reach the limits of your car and your skills - and yet still you want to go faster - you have just two options; get a faster car, or become a faster driver.

Spending money on a faster car will yield instant results but the gains last only as long as you have the car. Investing to give your driving skills a tune-up will last as long as you drive.

So when times are tough, and your team is being forced to deliver more work with fewer people, you need to get a performance boost - at an affordable cost - that will last.

That's why our NEW Bentley LEARN training subscription is just the thing for your team tune-up. It now includes unlimited scheduled instructor-led distance learning in our virtual classroom, in addition to providing subscribers with access to a full library of self-paced OnDemand eLearning courseware.

Now, if you are one of those folks who think that you have to sit in a "physical" classroom to learn, I have a question for you. "When was the last time you were in a traditional classroom?" - It was a while ago, wasn't it? So let me ask you another: "Does that mean you haven't learned anything new since then?" - No. I thought so... :-)

There's truth in the old adage, "you learn something new every day," and more and more, we're learning those new things online. Our emerging next generation know little else - even in school classrooms much learning is now conducted on PC's connecting to one site or another out on the interweb.

So for all you doubters out there we have a plan. Try our instructor-led distance learning risk-free and register for one of the 25 "Try It Before You Buy It" distance learning course samples available online.

Every sample is a free, two-hour course that let you interact live with a real Bentley expert, and give you a taste of learning in our own "virtual classroom."

As a bonus you will add two learning units to your professional transcript online for every course you complete. In this competitive job market being able to demonstrate your learning history is a huge value.

Check out the course descriptions and try distance learning for yourself at

And if you like it we have 1,000 more courses available to your whole organization when you buy a Bentley LEARN training subscription.

Care to take a test drive and tune-up your skills in the process?



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