Hurrah for Democracy!

The Launch of  "ATHENS" is moving steadily closer, and my days are getting busier and busier. Thursday’s launch will be the culmination of a long process of discovery, collaboration, development and delivery for the many people that worked on this release—both at Bentley and among our users.

Today’s news reminds me that the U.S. has spent the day voting to democratically select its next president. I am glued to the TV at my kitchen table – watching BBC America for a little unbiased reporting – and knocking down some last-minute tasks

Because collaboration is so much on my mind these days, it dawns on me that these presidential campaigns are not unlike our own "ATHENS" development cycle.

  1. Both involve extended teams of dedicated people talking to the individuals they serve, gathering information about what they need and want, and developing a platform for delivering solutions for their particular pains.
  2. Both are examples of large-scale collaboration in action; asking questions, developing, communicating, testing, gathering feedback, re-tooling the product.
  3. Both represent massive efforts in communication, which coincidentally is what your project teams do every day on every project to varying degrees. 

Later tonight, the world will see the final result of the massive campaigns undertaken by both camps.

After two years of outreach, data collection, and platform development work by both candidates’ extensive project teams, it’s finally their “launch day.”  Soon we’ll know what direction the next four years of U.S. policy making will take. May the right team win!

In just two days time, on Thursday 6th November, you will witness our own launch. And then you’ll know what improvements you can expect from our software for your own futures.

Don’t miss it, we do it all for you. Please sign up for the global broadcast today – I’ll pick up the tab!



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