Make New Year's Resolutions Now - Don't Wait for January 1st to Plan your Career Development

For several weeks now, we've been in the throes of 2010 planning here at Bentley, and my team has been asking about professional development opportunities for the coming year. That got me thinking: if training is on the minds of my own team, then lots of you are probably thinking about it, too.

As the year draws to an end organizations will be completing their annual performance reviews and gearing up for next year's business and individual goal setting exercises. For many career development initiatives are front and center with more senior-executive mindshare than usual. Now is the time therefore to plan for the training that will help you meet your goals. Which may also mean you have to get your budget request in now.

To help, Bentley has already posted its 2010 live training schedules at There you'll find courses for a wide variety of Bentley products and versions - including V8i - dates, times, and prices, are all included as is the option to take live training either in the virtual classroom or at a local classroom close to home.

And if you are not sure which course to start with, fear not we have that covered for you too. Click on any of the learning path links in the Find Courses table to help you organize and prioritize your learning.

Of course, if you already have a Bentley LEARN training subscription, all live training courses in the virtual classroom are already paid for - so you may register today and realize the value of your subscription at your convenience. That's one-way at least of avoiding the budget request cycle. 

Cheers and all the best for 2010!


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