My 'muse' too...

So there i was, grabbing a morning caffeine shot, when my friend (and colleague) Cathy wandered over. We swapped "hello's" and i bemoaned the fact that i hadnt blogged for a week or more. "Oh! she said. You have writers block?"

Cathy proceeded to tell me of a special uncle of hers who was quite the writer and one of the original "Boys on the bus." Sometimes, even he suffered writers block, so Cathy used to send him tidbits of information that both tickled her fancy and greased his 'blocked' wheels to get him going again. "He used to call me his 'Muse' " she smiled remembering the good times they collaborated.

"You can be my muse too! and i think i know where to start..." i said, high-fiving her and heading back to my office. Energised. Ready to Blog again.

Being part of a team rocks! Sharing information, ideas, and experiences makes us all smarter. The coffee machine is a great meeting and sharing place when your in the same building. BE Communities is a great place no matter where you are.



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