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This is something of an anniversary for me. I think my first blog post came from our 2008 Be Conference in Baltimore - although I could be wrong... anyway my next one - this one - is coming from our Be Inspired Best Practices Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina. So I am claiming an anniversary. :-)

Be Inspired all kicks off proper (so to speak) Tuesday morning with a 7am Press Briefing. Our CEO Greg Bentley will lead and I am sure there will be a lively (at least I hope there will be) Q&A to follow. We have some great new stuff to announce, new products, new subscriptions, new technology adoption, and new versions of current products. There may even be a surprise or two thrown in for good measure - who knows? I will write more tomorrow when all the news is made public.

Then following the Press Briefing are General Keynotes from Greg and his brother Keith, our CTO. For the press some of this will be a repeat, but not all. Keith's presentation has some real giggles; he did a version of this presentation internally for colleagues earlier in the year.

Then the baton is passed to our users - which is really why we and they are here in Charlotte - to present their own Best Practices. Featuring 50+ Be Inspired awards finalists I expect the quality to be extraordinary.

Then on Tuesday evening we'll all sit down to eat, drink, and be merry as we celebrate the winners who will deservingly receive awards to mark their outstanding project success. As the ambassador for two awards categories I will be taking to the stage with Harry - one of my colleagues from product management - to present awards for "Connecting Project Teams" and "Communicating Through Visualization."

More drink and merriment will undoubtedly follow for many - including me as my work is complete early on in the agenda :-) Which is especially good because Wednesday morning starts early again with another hour dedicated to press Q&A with Executive Round Table discussions following on. Again I have a role to play, chairing the one for ProjectWise. I am already excited about the possible discussions we may have.

I guess i should push on...



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