The ATHENS Launch Event

It dawns on me that I have mentioned the launch event a couple of times without really sharing the details. So if you are wondering why you should join us in Philly on November 6th – either physically or digitally – please allow me to make the pitch.

Here are my top reasons to join us for the launch event

  1. This is the most eagerly anticipated software release since the V8 Generation began and it represents the industry’s most comprehensive software portfolio ever assembled in one release.
  2. You get to rub shoulders with everyone and I mean EVERYONE who will be there to witness first-hand the launch keynotes from Greg Bentley, Keith Bentley, and Bhupinder Singh.
  3. You get to see the all new versions of MicroStation and ProjectWise presented in public for the first time bearing the new software portfolio name.
  4. The Greater Philadelphia User Group Meeting is using the launch event to gather and welcome new and old members; that’s your opportunity as a “local” to get onboard with your peers.
  5. If you are already a member of the Philly User Group (or you have already decided that you want to join) you can even register for a “feel the difference” training course in the morning on the 6th and be one of the first people anywhere in the world to receive Bentley Institute Learning Units for the commercial release of MicroStation “ATHENS.”
  6. You get to see other new applications from the same software portfolio and hear how they have made giant strides forwards in terms of features, advantages, and benefits.
  7. Listen to a user best-practice presentation from Philly Water to learn how it has been using MicroStation, ProjectWise, GEOPAK, and other Bentley software to streamline (pardon the pun) their workflows and increase their productivity through project and asset information reuse.

The event is held live in Philly for those in the area, but also offered remotely via a live broadcast. So, no matter where you are, you can plug into all of the ATHENS launch excitement.

Registration is still open—sign up today!

Hope to see you on November 6!



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  • France, 2nd september 2009

    Last fall we heard of the launch of a new MicroStation release called

    Athens. Since then we have not heard anything about that.

    Instead, we (Europeans) have got a MicroStation V8i version.

    Is that the same thing ? Or is it something else?

    In other words : is the Athens version still to come?