64 bit Object Enabler for AutoPLANT V8i

A 64bit compatible object enabler for AutoCAD is available for users who do not have AutoPLANT installed.  The AutoPLANT V8i Select Series 3 object enablers can be downloaded using the following steps:


1. Follow this link https://select.bentley.com/FulfillmentCenter/en/Search/Product/

2. Log into Bentely.com when prompted

3. Change "Product:" to AutoPLANT

4. Change "Category:" to Free Updates/Utilities

5. Search

6. Download, Bentley AutoPLANT Object Enabler, V8i x64, 4/5/2011, 5.4MB


As usual a 32bit version of the object enabler is available from the same location.

  • we are using prosteel 64 bit v8i and autoplant piping 64 bit v8i both sitting on acad 2011 and when our prosteel modller xref's the piping model in we get the square pipes. i have tried alot of obeject enablers but can't get it to work still....any suggestions??


  • From the translation it seems like you are opening the AutoPLANT model in Navisworks and the objects are not displayed correctly.  AutoPLANT Object enablers are designed to install on Autodesk AutoCAD.  They are not supported on Autodesk Navisworks and any issues in Navisworks and AutoPLANT object enablers must be taken up with Autodesk.

    However changing the shade mode from automatic to shaded.  This may correct your issue.

    Desde traductor Google.

    Desde la traducción parece que va a abrir el modelo de AutoPLANT enNavisworks y los objetos no se muestran correctamente. AutoPLANTfacilitadores objetos están diseñados para instalar en Autodesk AutoCAD.Ellos no son compatibles con Autodesk Navisworks y cualquier otro problemaen Navisworks y AutoPLANT objeto facilitadores debe ser tomado conAutodesk.

    Sin embargo, cambiar el modo de cortina de automático a la sombra. Esto puede corregir el problema.

  • Google translate:

    Hey Joey, I wanted to see that the object enabler autocad works well in realistic style, but when I load the file in the plumbing navis are as wired and solid elbows and flanges.

    From already thank you very much.


  • Hola Joey, te queria consultar por que el object enabler funciona bien en autocad con estilo realista, pero cuando cargo el archivo en navis las cañerias se ven en forma alambrica y codos y bridas en solido.

    Desde ya muchas gracias.