64 bit AutoPLANT


Question:  Is a 64 bit version of AutoPLANT available. 

Answer:  A 64 bit compatible version of AutoPLANT is currently not available.


Q: Is AutoPLANT supported to work with 64 bit AutoCAD, or 64 bit or Windows XP/Vista/7.

A:  A 64 bit compatible version of AutoPLANT for AutoCAD or any Windows OS’s is currently not available. 

Q:  Are there 64 bit versions of the AutoPLANT Object Enablers to run with 64 bit Navisworks or 64 bit AutoCAD.

A:  64 bit compatible object enablers are not available.  However when a 64 bit compatible AutoPLANT is released 64 bit compatible Object Enablers are sure to be released along with it.




The AutoPLANT V8i Select Series 2 does not support 64 bit AutoCAD’s, Operating Systems, or Navisworks.   An AutoPLANT V8i that does support 64 bit systems along with 64 bit object Enablers are in development and may be available in 2010.  Please check AutoPLANT downloads in select services for new versions of AutoPLANT.