AVAST!!! Change Isogen Compass directions N, S, E, & West to Nautical Directions

An AutoPLANT user in the ship building industry uses Isogen drawings to for their piping drawing. But outputting compass directions (as seen in Pic 1)was inconvenient for the builders and requested that nautical terms to be used such as Port and Starboard.



Luckily Isogen is able to customize that output using the Alt Text Editor. To access the Alt Text Editor start Project Administrator then go to Isogen>input and edit the Alternate Text section. Once open the Alt Text Editor is opened to the Co-ords tab which is where the nautical terms are imputed. As seen in Pic 2 below the N, S, E, and W output is changed to Starboard, Bow, Port, and Stern. Once changed save the changes by going to File>Save.

Pic 2

After changing the text isogen will now output Coordinates with the nautical terms as seen in Pic 3. Please note that depending on the ship orientation the Coordinate descriptions shown here may not correspond to actual directions for your situation.

Pic 3