Create Mitered Elbows with Extra mitered Sections


The spec records included with AutoPLANT only have a few specific mitered elbows.  AutoPLANT can create mitered elbows with angles of 90, 70, 60, 45, and 30 with up to 100 (max) miters. Use the following steps to create a 90 degree mitered bend with 7 miters:


  1. Go to Mitered elbow located at Piping>Bends and Returns>Mitered elbow
  2. In the Dialog "Mitered Elbow Component Initialization" use the following settings then press OK:
  3. Enter No of Miter Cuts: 7 (Max 100)

    Enter Elbow Angle: 90 (90, 70, 60, 45, 30 are also available in this dialog)

    Check "Include spec records that have an unspecified number of miters"

  4. Place the elbow and the Spec Selection dialog will open.  Chose the pipe required.
  5. In the final Dialog "input for Mitered Elbow Component" choose the bend radius or component length and edit the long description if needed.


By checking "Include spec records that have an unspecified number of miters" AutoPLANT will pull the basic pipe record AutoPLANT will use to build the specific mitered elbow required.