Delete User Annotations from AutoPLANT


AutoPLANT does not have a mechanism to delete user annotation from the AutoCAD. User annotations are stored in 2 text files in the project. To delete the user annotations they must be manually deleted using the following steps.

  1. Go to the following project root: %\Config\PIPING
  2. Open the file annFormates.ini
  3. Delete the User annotation listed in the file as such and then delete the user annotation then save and close the file.


Format=Test Size is <<MAIN_SIZE>>

  1. Open the file annotate.ini delete out the user annotation section as shown in the example below then save and close the file.



annoText=Default User Formatted String Annotation





Once the user annotations are deleted from the 2 files they will not show in the user annotations section in AutoPLANT.