AutoPLANT Tips and Tricks and Rules to Follow


Rules of the AutoPLANT


  1. AutoPLANT runs on Autodesk AutoCAD

  2. Autodesk AutoCAD is installed first

  3. AutoCAD must be opened 1 time after install

  4. AutoPLANT requires Admin rights to install properly

  5. The user requires Admin rights to use AutoPLANT properly

  6. Don't use SAMPLE_XXXXX projects for production

  7. Make new projects not based off of SAMPLE_XXXXX projects

  8. Access is a single user database

  9. Access based projects can have about 5 uses before problems occur

  10. Compact and Repair database is Access's best friend

  11. SpecGen is your buddy

  12. Specs are your friend and a Catalogs is where your friends keeps all his stuff

  13. Friends don't edit Specs or Catalogs in Access

  14. See rule 10 after editing a Spec/Catalog in Access then see the backup

  15. Stand alone mode is bad  (in 2004)


  17. Project Packager packages the whole project

  18. Export Packager packages documents

  19. Sometimes Project Packager fixes the problem

  20. Upgrading its a one way street 2004>XM>V8i

  21. Backups every one needs to

  22. Upgrade the project in Project Administrator

  23. Upgrade the drawings in RelationShip Manager

  24. Repair drawings in Relation Ship Manager (this works a lot of the time)

  25. AutoCAD Command AUDIT

  26. AutoCAD Command PURGE

  27. AutoCAD Command RECOVERALL

  28. Moving, Deleting, Renaming or copying AutoPLANT drawings in Windows Explore will mess stuff up

  29. Moving, Deleting, or Renaming in RelationShip Manager is how its done

  30. If you can do it in an AutoPLANT tool do it with an AutoPLANT tool

  31. Isogen has lots of options to make it just the way you want it


Feel free to suggest some more.