The Overlooked Tooltip or Oh where Oh where has my Tooltip Gone!!!

The Tooltip is a handy device in AutoPLANT that allows users to quickly see basic information about a piping component.  To use Tooltip hover over a component with the icon and Tooltip will appear displaying the following information Line Number, Service, Spec, Main Size, and Long Description.


Tooltip can be turned off by going to Piping>Setup>Drawing Preferences and then checking 'Disable Tooltips".  Checking this option only affects the local user. 

But why would someone want to turn off such a small useful feature?  The Tooltip pulls the information from the database.  When drawing and project database starts to become very large it takes longer and longer for Tooltip to pull the data which creates a skip and hesitation when moving the curser over a component or groups of components.


Now the case of the missing Tooltip.  A user called up asking about Tooltip because his would no longer display.  First we check Drawing Preferences to ensure that Tooltip is not disabled.  Yep unchecked.  Now we run down a list of questions to track down the problem.  Do others users have this issue, No.  Good that means that the issue is confined to this users machine and is not an issue with the project. 

Finally come to the answer by checking the AutoCAD options.  AutoCAD has its own tooltips for Snaps.  The user had disabled the "Display Auto Snap tooltip".  To enable "Display Auto Snap tooltip" go to Tools>Options>Drafting and check "Display Auto Snap tooltip" as seen below.  AutoPLANT's tooltip seems to piggy back on this feature or disabling it blocks AutoPLANT's tooltip.