• A Guide to RAM Concept Information on the Web

    There is a wealth of technical resources available to our RAM Concept user base. Over the past several years our structural product experts have produced how-to video tutorials, product tours, and tech notes that address a wide range of topics and questions the RAM Concept user community commonly raises. Most, if not all, of this content resides on either our own BE Communities site or youtube. Up until now there’s been…

  • Effective Use of Structural Engineering Software

    by Josh Taylor


    My prior blog posts have been product-centric: Bentley, RAM, BIM, etc. This post is product agnostic and deals with a much discussed topic and one continually growing in importance: proper use of structural analysis and design software.

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of structural software users and dozens of members of our technical support teams (who have supported…

  • Concrete Design and Documentation Enhancements in 2011

    Solutions Discussed: Structural analysis and design of concrete-framed buildings, drawing production and documentation.

    Products Discussed: Structural Synchronizer V8i, RAM Structural System r14.04.00.00, RAM Concept r4.1, Structural DocumentationCenter (future release)


    This year has seen, and will continue to see, sweeping improvements to Bentley's concrete structural design and documentation portfolio. One of the…

  • Showing RAM Concept Reinforcing in Structural Documentation Center

    by Josh Taylor

    Solutions discussed: Documentation of concrete buildings

    Products discussed: RAM Concept V8i, SELECTseries 4 (r3.4), Structural DocumentationCenter V8i


    **NOTE: In a future version of Structural DocumentationCenter, slab reinforcing will be automatically placed on plan drawings during the import of an ISM model. This is expected to be available by the end of 2011. This will make the work around discussed…

  • RAM Structural System Projects Worldwide

    Here's a collection of resources discussing large building projects across the world that have utilized RAM Structural System.


    High Rises in the United Kingdom

    In the following half hour video stream, WSP's Dr. Samuel Wong presents an overview of several concrete and steel highrise projects completed by WSP using RAM Structural System, RAM Concept, and other products in Bentley's structural portfolio.

  • "Free Form" Modeling in RAM Structural System V14.03

    by Josh Taylor

    Solutions Discussed: Modeling of Concrete-Framed Buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System V8i, SELECTseries 3, V14.03


    For some building structures, particularly concrete structures utilizing two-way slab action, the designer/drafter can create an analytical model of the structure most effectively when allowed to model in a "free-form" sense. That is, just let the mouse go where desired and…

  • Transfer Slabs in RAM Structural System

    by Josh Taylor


    Solutions Discussed: Analysis of concrete buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System (SELECTseries1, r14.00.04.01)

     **NOTE: Version r14.04.00.00 of RAM Structural System, released July 2011, gives the user the option to consider gravity members in the RAM Frame analysis. This greatly simplifies many of the scenarios discussed in this article. Please read the r14.04.00.00 release notes, available…

  • Ten Settings in RAM Structural System Worth Double-Checking

    by Josh Taylor


    Solutions Discussed: Structural analysis and design of concrete-framed buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System


    Sometimes a single setting within an engineering program can mean the difference between a well constructed building model that provides accurate analysis and design output, and one that is essentially meaningless. In this article we cover ten settings in…

  • Ten Things You May Have Never Done with RAM Structural System..............But Could

    by Josh Taylor


    Solutions Discussed: Structural analysis and design of concrete-framed buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System


    1) Rotate the view of the model dynamically

    When viewing the 3D perspective of model (the default screen in Steel Column and RAM Concrete), it is well known that the view of the structure can be panned by dragging the mouse with the left mouse button…

  • Wall Boundary Element Design in RAM Structural System

    by Josh Taylor 


    Solutions Discussed: Structural design of concrete-framed buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System



    This article is intended to give engineers who are not familiar with the concrete design capabilties of RAM Structural System an insight into how boundary elements and confined regions in concrete walls are dealt with in the program. The screen captures…

  • Observations on Section 10.10 in ACI 318-08


    Some Welcome Revisions

    I would like to commend ACI on their rework of Sections 10.10 through 10.13 in ACI 318-05, the result of which is a single Section 10.10 in ACI 318-08 that, in my opinion, reads much more clearly than previous editions of the 318 document. Section 10.10 covers second-order effects in the analysis and design of members resisting axial/flexural loads. This is not a topic that is easy to…

  • Dear Technical Support: Does this RAM Concrete Result Look Right to You?

    by Josh Taylor


    Solutions Discussed: Structural design of concrete-framed buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System


    This article documents a few instances, or frequently asked questions, in RAM Concrete where the design results that have been produced may not look right at first glance, but nonetheless are proper interpretations of ACI 318. There is one case each presented for the…

  • These Wall Headers are Killing Me! What Can I Do?

    by Josh Taylor


    Solutions Discussed: Design of concrete walls in buildings

    Products Discussed: RAM Structural System


    **NOTE: Coupling beam design was added as a new feature in r14.03.00.00 of RAM Structural System. This makes some elements of the workarounds discussed in this article unnecessary. Refer to the r14.03.00.00 release notes, available here: http://communities.bentley.com/products/structural/structural_analysis___design…

  • Spread Footing Overturning and Uplift Checks in RAM Foundation

    by Seth Guthrie and Josh Taylor

    June 13th, 2007


    This article seeks to provide the RAM Structural System user with a greater understanding of the criteria settings within RAM Foundation that affect the uplift and overturning checks performed by the program. There are several design options which are critical to the way the program checks for uplift and overturning problems. A basic knowledge of each…

  • Axial-Flexural Strength of Concrete Walls - A Parametric Study

    There are a number of different ways to increase the axial/flexural strength of a concrete wall. Any engineer who has designed lateral force resisting systems for concrete buildings has no doubt spent a lot of time assessing the optimum means of increasing the resistance of a wall panel or wall core to flexure. Geometric constraints presented by the architect are likely to influence the decision made.

    We here in the RAM…