A Guide to RAM Concept Information on the Web

There is a wealth of technical resources available to our RAM Concept user base. Over the past several years our structural product experts have produced how-to video tutorials, product tours, and tech notes that address a wide range of topics and questions the RAM Concept user community commonly raises. Most, if not all, of this content resides on either our own BE Communities site or youtube. Up until now there’s been no single master list of RAM Concept product information. This post is a step in that direction. This list identifies and describes all the content we know to exist, and we'll continue adding to it and more effectively organize the items. Many thanks are in order to the contributors of this content, and in each landing site you’ll see the name of the authoring Bentley colleague. In the meantime feel free to pass along suggestions for content to me at Josh.Taylor@bentley.com.



RAM Concept Insider Skills

Part 1


1)      Reconfiguring slab and load polygons by adding or removing nodes

2)      Refining and simplifying program-generated design strips (2:35)

Part 2


1)      Interpreting errors and warnings during the analysis

2)      Reviewing the error log (2:20)

3)      Locating errors by coordinates (2:45)

4)      “Line is too short” error (3:30)

5)      Using perspective views to troubleshoot errors (5:16)

6)      Fixing the “Tendon is out of slab” error (6:01)

7)      Cross section trimming considerations (7:47)

8)      Effect of the cross section slope limit setting (13:25)

Part 3


1)      Reviewing slab precompression magnitudes using 2D plots

2)      Displaying slab stress plans for specific load cases (2:30)

3)      Simplifying the review of bar design results by varying display settings (3:45)

4)      Reviewing live load reduction values calculated by the program (7:18)

Part 4


1)      Using the Cross Section Orientation tool to rationalize the placement of program-selected reinforcement

2)      Refining tendon layouts using the tendon void and tendon parameters commands (2:50)

3)      Analysis of floors for footfall vibration (8:00)



RAM Concept Tech Snippet: Tendon Tools


How to lay out tendons using the Generated Tendon method, a much quicker alternative to manually creating individual tendons.



RAM Concept Tech Snippet: Working with Reinforcing


How to rationalize program placed reinforcement to a simplified layout.



Exporting a RAM Concept floor to RAM Structural System


A video demonstration of the export of a RAM Concept model into RAM Structural System for the multi-story analysis and design of the superstructure.



Designing Slabs in RAM Structural System


A quick start guide to utilizing RAM Concept as a module within RAM Structural System.



Animation of plots in RAM Concept




Balance and Hyperstatic Loading


A quick and effective explanation of balance and hyperstatic loads.



RAM Concept Capabilities and Modeling FAQ


Some basic discussion on modeling limitations in RAM Concept.



RAM Concept Design Strips


1)     Defining manual design strip boundaries

2)     Cross section trimming

3)     Design strips and slab openings

4)     Full width design strips versus column/middle

5)     Design strips for beams



RAM Concept Files FAQ


Some notes on file management in RAM Concept, including mat files and CAD backgrounds.



RAM Concept Lateral Self Equilibrium Analysis




RAM Concept Load History Calc Options


A discussion of the settings and options in RAM Concept’s load history deflection analysis.

1)     Creep factor

2)     Shrinkage strain

3)     Shrinkage restraint

4)     Aging coefficient



RAM Concept Loading


Information on some nuances of applying loads to the floor.



Getting More Out of Your RAM Concept Plots


A review of important settings for control of plot information, color coding, and display style.



RAM Concept Plans and Perspectives


Troubleshooting a few issues users have come across when viewing plans and perspectives.



Did you Know? RAM Concept Plans and Perspectives


How to customize plots in RAM Concept to show specific information according to your own preferences.



RAM Concept Reinforcing FAQ


1)     Displaying governing code provisions

2)     Modeling of user reinforcing

3)     Suppressing additional program reinforcing during design

4)     Slab face setting for reinforcing

5)     Designing using a single reinforcing layer

6)     Customizing the bar callout style on the reinforcing layer



RAM Concept Shear Reinforcement


Answers to commonly asked questions on shear checks and one-way shear reinforcement.



RAM Concept Structure


Answers to a number of commonly asked questions dealing with the modeling and viewing of elements, fixities and restraint, and settings for soil in the design of mats and rafts.



RAM Concept T-Beams and Axial Forces


An explanation of the significance of the T-beam setting for strip generation, and a quantitative illustration of how design forces are resolved when using this option.



RAM Concept Tendons


Answers to commonly asked questions related to tendon placement, and how to resolve common warnings.