• It's all amazing, nobody's happy

    At our recent Be Inspired event, I spoke about how things have changed in 25 years, this being our 25th anniversary.

    I noted that in 1984 Bentley Systems bought a 10 megabyte disk drive for $2000. We found it in an ad in the back of Byte magazine, issued a purchase order, and received it in a few short weeks. At the time we were thrilled that in the size of a large toaster it could hold the equivalent of near…

    • Thu, Oct 15 2009
  • Great news for MicroStation users - the Luxology announcement

    Earlier this week, we announced this exciting news about our agreement to distribute the rendering engine from Luxology LLC in MicroStation.

    I am personally very excited about this agreement and I expect it will be extremely welcome news for MicroStation users everywhere. 3D visualization, photo-realistic presentations, and animations, have become a mainstream part of nearly every AEC project. And, as everyone…

    • Fri, Aug 15 2008