Advance Project Explorer - Link to Link Set

Have you come across any of the following scenarios?

Suppose you have created a link set in a DGN file, which contains Links you regularly use. And now you are working on different file and you wanted to use those links. What to do?


There are multiple link sets within active DGN file containing different types of links and you have to switch between them regularly. Every time you have to go to Project Explorer, memorize and select link set you want from drop down. Time consuming work right?

One way is to create all those links once again in the active file in which you are working on.

There is another simple solution, Link to a Link Set or Link Set folder.

You can create link to Link Set using Create Link dialog in Project Explorer.

  1. Set Link Set dialog to Active file. Make sure there is at least one linkset in Active file.
  2. Select Create link – Link Set link.

This will open Create Link dialog.


In this dialog, there is a drop down on the right side of the just above Cancel button.

When you click on the drop down, available Link Sets will be displayed.

  • If Link Set dialog is set to “Active file”, then drop down will show Link Sets within active file.
  • If Link Set dialog is set to “Selected file”, then you can see all the Link Sets available within that file, even if that file is not open.

You can create link a Link Set or Link to a folder within Link Set using this dialog. When you expand the Link Set link, it will display all the links present within that Link Set.

If you double click on the Link Set link or select right click – open, Project Explorer will make the Link Set active. If that link set is from external file, then Link Set dialog is switched to “Selected file”.

You can edit Link Set links using Link Properties dialog. Select Right click – Properties on Link Set link. You can specify Link Set name within the file specified in Full Path.