Dimension Association to the Section Geometry

A Section view displays section graphics. Section graphics are new geometry drawn as the result of cutting the design model with the section cut plane. These section graphics are not persistent elements.

The common annotation tools can be associated to section graphics. For example, you can use the Dimension Element tool to create a linear dimension that is associated to a linear section graphic.

To place associative dimensions:

  1. From the Dimensions toolbox, select the Dimension Element tool.
  2. Identify key points on section cut graphics.
    When AccuSnap identifies section cut graphics, “Section cut graphics” displays in the Element Information pop-up.
  3. Make sure that ‘Association’ checkbox is ON while placing a dimension.

When you move Section plane as shown in the following video, all the associated dimensions move along with section graphics.


 Note: Associated dimensions will lose their association with section graphics if you make any operation on the solid. To re-associate them, use ‘Reassociate Dimensions’ tool.


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