Distributed Resources

                In this discussion you will understand how you can make use of different functionalities available in Microstation to handle and organize resources.

                Consider yourself working on a large project and the models, saved views and other resources pertaining to that project are distributed in different files and folders in your project. You also have created links to all the pertinent files and resources into the project explorer.

                Microstation gives users convenient access to models and saved views through model and saved view dialog respectively.

                Distributed Resources in this context means harvesting links present in project explorer from other dialogs such as models and saved view dialog. Project explorer is used as a central repository for storing links and then these links are harvested in dialogs other than project explorer.

In model and saved views dialog box, you will see on your left and top, a drop-down combo-box. It has items, named Active Design File and Active Link Set.


By Default, models and saved views dialog displays models and saved views within active file.

                If you select Active Link Set, then it will show all the models or saved views within links stored in project explorer. After selecting active Link Set, you can toggle between Active Link set and Active File by clicking on the same button. Expand the active Link Set and you can see the list of sub-links and files. If you select any file, all the models or saved views within this file is displayed.

                If you reopen harvested dialogs, then dialogs remains harvested until you reopen the file or switch to Active File mode manually.

                You can drag and drop models and saved views from respective dialogs. If you drag drop without pressing any key, reference attachment dialog will pop-up. If you drag drop with ALT key pressed, this will start add link to element tool.

                When dialog is in link set mode, you cannot delete model or saved view. Also you cannot change property of a model or saved View.

Distributed resources in models dialog:

                When you switch models dialog to link set mode, you can see models within link Stored in project explorer. You can add model link to element.

                Double clicking on any model will open corresponding DGN file and activate the model.
You can see properties of the model, but model property dialog will be read-only.
You can also apply filters, so the models will be filtered by type.

Distributed resources in saved views dialog:

                Similarly you can see saved views within links stored in project explorer. You can add saved view link to element.

                You can find uses of the saved view. If you apply the saved view, then the file containing selected saved view is opened, corresponding model is activated and saved view will be applied.

You cannot delete or rename saved views, if you are in link set mode.

                Similar to models, you can apply filters in saved views dialog also. This will filter saved view by type.
The main aim of distributed resources is to harvest all the models and saved views within links stored in project explorer.

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