Editing Cloud tool settings


Have you came across when you want to edit some settings before placing a Cloud?


How do I change the settings of multiple Cloud annotations in one shot?

This can be done using an Element Template and a DGNLib file.

Here are steps:

  1. Extract zipped DGNLib file, attached with this blog.
  2. In MicroStation, open Workspace - Configuration.
  3. Navigate to MS_DGNLIBLIST.
  4. Click on Edit button. Manually enter path to the DGNLib (e.g. D:\Bentley\DGNLIB\CustomCloudTool.dgnlib).
  5. Reopen the active file.
  6. There will a new custom toolbox, which will contain only Cloud by Point tool. Use this tool to place cloud annotations.

If you are not able to see the new custom toolbox, then

  1. Open Workspace - Customize.
  2. Expand the user tools -> DGNLib file.
  3. Right click on Customized CloudTool and select Open Tool Box.

Now, to change the settings like Level or Color of all cloud annotations,

  1. Open the DGNLib file
  2. Select Element - Element Templates.
  3. Change the settings you want and save the file.