Renumber multiple sheets

While working on a project, suppose you want to renumber all the sheets, what do you do?

  • Go to each file containing sheet models -> Open Model Properties dialog for each sheet -> Change the Sheet Number field.

This is the manual way of renumbering each sheet. If you have a large number of sheets, this becomes cumbersome.

There is an automatic way to do this in Project Explorer, using the Sheet Renumber tool.


The First step in sheet renumbering is to add all Sheet Models to Project Explorer. You can do this by two ways:

  1. Configure MS_DEF configuration variable with the Project Data i.e. all DGN files. Create a configuration variable link in Project Explorer and filter it with “Model:Sheet” filter. Expand the configuration variable link. Make a new folder in Project explorer and copy all these filtered sheet models into the folder.                                                                                                               OR
  2. Add all DGN file links containing sheet models to Project Explorer. Make a new folder in Project Explorer. Drag and drop the sheet models you want to renumber, in the folder.

Once you have gathered all the sheet models at one place in Project Explorer, all you have to do is right click on the parent folder and select Renumber. This will open Set Sheet Number dialog.


Start Index is the number you want to start renumbering with. Increment is the number you want to increment the sheet number with.

Once you click OK, all the sheets will be renumbered.

NOTE: Sheets within DWG files will not be renumbered.


  • Hi,

    Why do we have to copy the sheets to a new folder? My dgn file names are based on the order of the plans and my sheet names are usually Default. When I copy them to the new folder they get out of order and are given the wrong sheet number in relation the the file name. Is there any other way of renumbering them or changing the model name to reflect what the file name is?