Lost Clip Volume?

               Sometimes you may need to clip a portion of your model, in order to hide the clutter around that area. This is where clip volumes come in handy. MicroStation supports various methods of creating clip volumes, the most popular ones being Fitted Sections.



                If you used clip volume tools before and wondered why your changes weren't saved when you closed the file, read on. When you reopened that file, you would have noticed the clip volume element in tact but that it was no longer applied to the view window.

When you apply a clip volume, it really does two things.

               1. Creates a clip volume element. This element will be saved to file like any other graphical element when you do File > Save. Similarly, Edit > Undo will remove that element.

                2. Applies the new clip volume element to the selected view window. This is purely a viewing operation, similar to rotating, panning and zooming. Viewing operations are saved to file only if you choose to save your settings (File > Save Settings). Otherwise they are lost when you close the file. The topic of Settings deserves its own blog, which is coming shortly. Another point to note is that viewing operations can be undone by selecting View Previous button (as opposed to Edit > Undo).

Therefore, remember to do File > Save and File > Save Settings in order to retain your clip volume changes to your view windows.

           Here's a better alternative. Use Named Fences. After applying a clip volume, save it with a name. You can create any number of such clip volumes. When you reopen the file, you can invoke any of them by simply double-clicking.




More blogs coming up, so be there...

  • Hi Mark,

    well, you tell how to save a clip vol by name. This very feature does not really work just when using a fitted section clip! After user creates one, the tool settings window dont show the Clip options anymore, and so user cant give it a name.

    It's really confusing. Is there some secret way to save that?

    Cheers, Bigean

  • Hi Louis,

    Yes it is purely depend on AccuDraw compass orientation while placing the clip volume. For e.g. while generating Clip volume by section Plane, keep AccuDraw Compass Axis parallel to respective Axis of ACS and generate the clip volume. similarly genereate the same by rotating the X axis of AccuDraw Compass about Y axis by 180 deg. You will find the Section Graphics Pattern adopt the change as per the clipping takes place.


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this Blog, it's very helpful to me. One question I only have is the pattern I see (also in you're example). Is it possible to have influence on the pattern it shows, when you make a clip?