Sheet Boundary Tool

What is a Sheet Model?

                A type of model that serves as an electronic drawing sheet. It typically consists of design model references that are scaled and positioned to create a printable drawing. By default, the view windows of a sheet model have white backgrounds.
                 When you create a new sheet model, you see a rectangle with grey background; this is called as "Sheet Boundary". You can associate a sheet border attachment containing title block to the boundary.

General Terms:

  • Sheet model is a type of model, which represents the electronic drawing sheet.
  • Sheet boundary represents actual paper space on which we are going to print our final drawings.
  • Sheet border represents a title block along with border graphics that will be printed along with the drawings. Sheet borders are usually created in a central location and attached to all sheets as references.

Sheet Boundary tool:

You can manipulate sheet boundary using Sheet Boundary tool.

 This tool can be invoked by following ways:

  1. Right click in white space in sheet model and select Sheet Boundary.
  2. In Models Manager dialog, activate sheet model and select "Define Sheet Boundary" from Menu bar.
  3. From Task toolbar, select "Task - Drawing Composition - Sheet Composition - Define Sheet Boundary".

Using this tool, you can manipulate various settings related to sheet boundary like Move, Rotate, Change Size, Change Annotation Scale and Associate Border file.

NOTE: Sheet boundary is a property of sheet models only. They are not part of design and drawing models.

Let's see tool options one by one:

  • Display Sheet boundary: You can switch sheet boundary on or off.
  • Move: You can move sheet boundary using this option.
  • Rotate: Sheet boundary can be rotated using this tool.
  • Size: You can change sheet boundary size from available sizes or you can create a custom size. You can also change the sheet size from Model Properties dialog.
  • Scale: You can change Annotation scale of the Sheet Model. This will also scale sheet Boundary. Scale can also be changed from Drawing Scale dialog.
  • Border: This drop down shows all references that are currently attached. You can associate the border attachment file to the sheet boundary so that they move, rotate and scale together. You can also do this from Model Properties dialog. Once associated, any changes to the border attachment are automatically propagated to the sheet boundary. For example, if you move the border attachment, the sheet boundary will automatically move to the new location.

Once you set up a sheet model as desired, you can use it as seed model for creating new sheets. In the new sheets, MicroStation will attach and associate the same border file