To create a Saved View from New or Existing Callouts within a Sheet Model

Imagine a scenario where you are working on the front view of a 3D model for a house. You are required to produce a top-view of the foundation for this 3D model. Using the Detailing Symbols tools a callout can be placed along the line of the foundation in the front view that generates the desired dynamic view. The position of the callout can be modified to dynamically change the position of this view.  Once this dynamic view has been generated you may find it of interest to learn about the origins of their attributes.

A series of blogs has been produced that will aid you in the construction of dynamic views using common scenarios. These should provide you with an insight as to where the Saved View attributes have been inherited.

Follow these steps to create a new dynamic view on a sheet model:

  1. Open an existing design file containing a 3D design model.
  2. Go to Tools > Detailing Symbols > Place Section Callout.
  3. Select Drawing Seed. (see Drawing Seed blog)
  4. Select the Create Drawing check-box.
  5. Select the start, end and depth to place the Callout. The “Create Drawing” dialog will open.
  6. Select the “Create Drawing Model” and “Create Sheet Model” checkboxes to create a drawing and sheet model.
  7. Click OK. A new saved view and its drawing and sheet models will have been created.