First Post - Mueller's Blog, what is that?

Writing a Blog does not come naturally (to me, anyway).  Thus far in my life, I have not been successful in keeping a diary for any amount of time.  I did maintain a family web site for a few years after which maintenance backlog and privacy concerns got the better of me.  I took it down last year --after not having maintained it for a few years

When I joined the BE community I was still working with a different company.  However, I knew already that I was looking for other opportunities.  I have to admit that was one of the reasons not to engage immediately.  So:

Now I am at Bentley Systems.  In the Applied Research Group.  My responsibility is "computational design."  This is one of the reasons why I will venture on the side into the taxonomy of design, architecture, and computing.  What is CAD, CAAD, BIM, Computational Design, Generative Design, Genetic Design Algorithms, Digital Fabrication, Electronic Design, Digital Design, Virtual Architecture, etc?  I think I'll post some of my findings here for discussion.  I'll mix in other contents.  I hope it will be interesting enough and provide sufficient substance for others to visit and read.

All the while I will follow the threads of GenerativeComponents and SmartGeometry. 

Oh, bets are open how long this Blog effort will last.  The one who comes closest is certain to be invited by me to a reasonably priced beverage of her or his choice next time we meet after the bet has come due.