SmartGeometry 2008 in Munich

This year's SmartGeometry events in Munich were quite an experience.  The pre-training introduced Prof. Rob Woodbury's concept of design patterns which is available at  Design patterns establish higher level conceptual gizmos for parametric, dependency-based (associative) design (with GenerativeComponents) as a common language between designers as well as a new way of thinking about approaches to solutions for design problems.  In the workshops individuals and groups of participants pursued a wide variety of projects from very abstract through highly conceptual to very concrete real-life projects.  Those projects that participants are willing to share publicly will be posted on the SmartGeometry website within a few weeks.  As soon as I know that they have been posted I will insert a notice in this blog.

After the workshops SmartGeometry event alumni presented their latest work and insights in applications for parametric design.  Most of the event has been recorded and will be posted.  These were fascinating confirmations of the maturity of GenerativeComponents.  gc left the area of courageous experiments behind and has completed projects in its portfolio.  This collection will grow without doubt, thanks to very innovative design practices and academic institutions; and those individuals within those organizations who are not afraid to push boundaries or cross them, obliterate them.  This is exciting to watch! 

The last couple of this year's SmartGeometry events were the Conference in the BMW-Welt, an amazing place designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au and the concluding reception in the Deutsches Museum.  I will post some of my pictures of the venue in another post.  The Conference was full of thought-provoking presentations, as well as the summaries of the work done by the various SmartGeometry workshop groups.  All presentations were recorded and will be posted. 

Now it's time for me to get to the airport to travel back home.