SmartGeometry Ante Portas

Check out the SmartGeometry 2009 agenda, register, and join us at SmartGeometry 2009!

With SmartGeometry events starting March 25, and the Dow Jones taking a little up-tick in the past few days, perhaps things are not looking as gloomy in spite of all the disagreement about the stimulus package.  However, we can all agree with the SmartGeometry stimulus package.  As with any stimulus, it works by people feeling stimulated and acting accordingly, in this case by registering for the SmartGeometry events, booking travel if necessary, and arranging for lodging if so desired. 

This stimulus, though, is not only economic.  Much more importantly, the agenda packed with high-caliber speakers promises that it will be an intellectual stimulus, appropriately at the start of Spring.  With Spring comes renewal.  Renew your skills, your knowledge, your motivation to approach design and engineering from a new angle.  It's all there, for you to witness, discuss, and then afterwards for you to utilize in the coming months.  Give yourself the leading edge!

2009-03-13 Dow Jones 5 Days