• Additional Commercial Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories for Bentley Architecture

    Want some additional Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories? 

    I have a few Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories that I have built in my spare time that you can download here:

    Toilet Accessories and Plumbing Fixtures Download


    Included here are vertical grab bars (based on Bobrick), Air-Blade type Hand Dryers (based on Dyson), High-Speed Hand Dryers (based on Xlerator) and a Lavatory System sink and waste…

    • Fri, Sep 11 2009
  • Custom Space Labels in Bentley Architecture

    Playing with vba leads to a better way to label spaces:

    Newly updated to version 1.6!  Now supports Metric working units.  See below:

    After helping a client with a custom datagroup annotation cell that used VBA to format the datagroup data, I decided to see how I could use VBA to create an Advanced Space Label for Bentley Architecture spaces.  I ended up with a space label that does the following:

    • With Space Label…
    • Thu, Sep 10 2009
  • Round Holes in a Square Wall: Creating Curved Perforators in Bentley Architecture

    Did you ever feel like punching a hole in a wall? Bentley Architecture makes it easy...


    When you create compound cells in Bentley Architecture, you can define a perforator that will automatically create an opening in a linear form. Because forms are planar, curves or circles used to perforate forms are forced to be segmented. The real problem is how many segments are used. The number of segments is a factor…

    • Sun, Aug 9 2009
  • The "Superman" View - your xray vision to see through walls, beams, ducts, etc.


    Superman could see through walls.  In Microstation we can too with the wireframe view display type, but we don't get any visual depth clues.  The "Superman" view is a way to setup your models so that you can see through the other disciplines' models but have all of your discipline's geometry appear solid.  This works well in all of the BIM products, no matter what discipline you are:


    • After…
    • Thu, Aug 6 2009