Additional Commercial Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories for Bentley Architecture

Want some additional Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories? 

I have a few Plumbing Fixtures and Toilet Accessories that I have built in my spare time that you can download here:

Toilet Accessories and Plumbing Fixtures Download


Included here are vertical grab bars (based on Bobrick), Air-Blade type Hand Dryers (based on Dyson), High-Speed Hand Dryers (based on Xlerator) and a Lavatory System sink and waste receptacles (based on Bradley).  Each of the compound cells has been 'generalized' and is not endorsed by any of the manufactures that they are based on.  The download file includes the compound cell libraries and the datagroup catalogs.  When installed, these will show in the plumbing and toilet accessory sections of the User-Defined Type tool.


Want some more?

I built are even more commerical plumbing fixtures that were added to the v8i dataset.  If you are using XM or 2004 you can still take advantage of that content.  Just download and install Bentley Architecture v8i, then harvest the content from the v8i dataset:

From the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\MicroStation\WorkSpace\TriForma\ArchDatasetNcsUS\Cell\ folder grab:  CounterTopSinks.bxc, Watercoolers.bxc and PlumbingFixtures_3.bxc.

Put these in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\WorkSpace\TriForma\ArchDatasetNcsUS\cell\ folder for Bentley Architecture XM.

(There is an error in the PlumbingFixtures_3.bxc file.  The names and descriptions of the pedestal sinks have the word "pedestal" spelled as "pedastal" .  Change their names and descriptions and they will show up in the Plumbing Fixtures tool.)

From the  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\MicroStation\WorkSpace\TriForma\ArchDatasetNcsUS\datagroupcatalogs\ folder grab: us_ncs_plumbingfixtures_3.xml

 Put this in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\WorkSpace\TriForma\ArchDatasetNcsUS\datagroupcatalogs\ folder for Bentley Architecture XM.

 These files pulled from B. Arch. v8i will give you the following:

  • China and stainless steel bathroom countertop sinks.  These sinks have perforators and will automatically cut a slab form. - 3 total.  (based on American Standard, Kohler and Elkay)


  • Single and double stainless steel kitchen sinks, also with perforators that will cut slab forms - 10 total.  (based on Elkay)


  • Bathroom pedestal sinks.  - 2 total. (based on American Standard and Kohler)


  • Mop and service sinks - 14 total. (based on Zurn, Swanstone and Stern Williams)


  • Watercoolers - both surface mounted and recessed.  - 5 total.(Based on Haws, Halsey Taylor and Elkay)


What other specific content you like to have in the BIM products?  Leave a comment and let me know.


As with anything that you download for free from the internet, use at your own risk.

Neither I nor Bentley Systems, Inc. offers any warranty covering the use of these files.

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