The "Superman" View - your xray vision to see through walls, beams, ducts, etc.


Superman could see through walls.  In Microstation we can too with the wireframe view display type, but we don't get any visual depth clues.  The "Superman" view is a way to setup your models so that you can see through the other disciplines' models but have all of your discipline's geometry appear solid.  This works well in all of the BIM products, no matter what discipline you are:


  • After attaching the other disciplines' reference files, use the adjust colors setting in the reference file dialog to change the transparency of the references to 50%


  • Click OK to accept the change and then close the reference file dialog.
  • In V8 XM or 2004: Change your view display mode to Smooth with show edges enabled:


  • In v8i: Change your view display mode to Illustration


You will now be able to see through walls, columns, ducts, etc. while your elements will remain solid.
(This is a similar effect to the Transparent view display mode in v8i, except, in Transparent, everything is see- through. In the "Superman" view the objects in the active file are still solid.)


  • Noe,

    Excellent - thanks. I guess I was on the right track but not quite!! I'm sure I tried that variation :-)

  • Stuart,

    If all you want to change is the Transparency, the correct key-in appears to be:

    reference adjustcolors 100,100,,,,50

    The key-in will set the values in the dialog.

    Here's the syntax:

    REFERENCE ADJUSTCOLORS (Value 0-100), Saturation (0-100), Print Adjusted colors(0  for off or 1 for on), Adjustment Factor(0 or blank) or Fixed (1), Hue(Blank for off or 0-100 for value and on), Transparency(0-100)


  • Noel,

    Thanks for the tip. Can you let me know the correct syntax for the key-in for this? I have tried 'reference adjustcolors 100,100,,0,0,50', but it turns on Hue Fixed For All Colours. Transparancy is OK but colours are red! I have tried lots of combinations but no luck. Any help appreciated. TIA