If it is overcast and misty...

...but people are still riding bicycles all over the place, then it must be Amsterdam. This is the first stop for me on another around-the-world trip involving Bentley events.

One of the various reasons for my short visit to our international headquarters in Hoofddorp, which is outside of Amsterdam, is to give a presentation on the BE Community to my European colleagues. I also met with a number of folks to make last minute plans and preparations for a Bentley Partner recruiting event in Moscow (where I am going next). And, I met up with a friend (an ex-colleague who now works for a European airline) to discuss a possible venue for our 2008 Partner Summit in Europe. I also met up with one of the content managers for the Bentley Institute to catch up on all the things going on there.

Along the way, I had an opportunity to see Amsterdam at night (hey, outside the Red Light District, okay?) I also found out that there was a new subway under construction, which I thought was a bit odd, since... well... that would put the tunnels below sea level!

One thing that I realized while here is that I have been to Hoofddorp enough times that I am starting to run out of unique postcards to send back home. But, I am sure that the new year will bring a new inventory, so I do not think that I will be in trouble any time soon. I depart Amsterdam early on Sinterklaas, which is a pretty significant holiday in Holland... destination, Moscow.