Bentley Launches New Generation of Product Lines

If you followed all of what took place earlier this week at the Year In Infrastructure 2014 event in London, you have to admit that there was a lot that happened. One of the primary focuses of that event was on the incredible infrastructure projects that have been done over the year using Bentley products. The toughest decision was to identify one winner in each of the categories given that all the projects were awesome. Congratulations to all who entered, the finalists, and the winners!

There were also keynotes at the event, including those from Professor Andrew McNaughton, FREng, Chief Engineer and Technical Director, HS2 Ltd., Ed Merrow, Founder and President of Independent Project Analysis, Inc., and Bentley executives Malcolm Walter, Greg Bentley, Bhupinder Singh, and @Keith Bentley. Keith's keynote was picked up by Engineering News-Record ( as it covered the next major upgrade to our product lines. Although specific details (i.e. tools, utilities, products, etc.) were not the focus, the why, how, and what about the coming together of software, services, and managed hosting was presented. The bottom line is this is something that is very necessary, as it is the direction that our industries are going in.

It is worth checking out what others have to say about this -- see for some of that.