Feeling inspired

This week, Be Inspired took place in Amsterdam. What makes this event fairly unique is that it showcases how various individuals and organizations are using Bentley technology to respond to challenges and solve problems that impact many people today. One prime example is the special recognition award delivered to Codelco for the recent (and very successful) rescue of 33 miners, who were trapped underground in Chile for 69 days. What is not known by most is that that infrastructure project was completed almost 2 months before schedule. Like a lot of people, I followed that event closely and watched the miners being brought to the surface one by one... the fact that the amount of time that those men could have been below the surface was cut almost in half makes its success even that much more incredible.

Be Inspired highlighted many other infrastructure projects, too, all of which are selected as outstanding achievements in infrastructure design, engineering, construction, and operations across the globe, as well as the innovation in best practices among the infrastructure professionals who make these projects possible. If you have not yet, you should really check out the photos and coverage in the Bentley areas on Facebook and Twitter as well as the press releases -- you will likely be as inspired about how our technology is used as I am.