Keith Little (1951 - 2014)

For those who knew Keith Little, it is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news of his passing. Keith worked at Bentley during "the early days" and always greeted you with a smile and the positive side of things. Although he is no longer with us, he will live on in the hearts and souls of all the people who had the pleasure of knowing or working with him.

RIP, my friend. You will be missed.

  • I come to this page every now and then and wonder how I missed Phil's original post. As time goes by, I feel sad that I didn't write something here, and finally I have something to share about Keith.

    As others have pointed out, he always put a personal note in front of each book, with a Bible reference, chapter and verse. Mine is in the office, 7 months removed, and don't remember what it is. However, I also received a gift from Keith: a Taylor guitar pick scotch taped to the page. Somewhere in the late 90s, he discovered that I played guitar (not very well) and he shared with me an article he wrote on pedalboard hum--which is the incessant hum caused by something ungrounded in the chain of pedals and power supplies. He also seemed to be a spokesperson for Taylor guitars--a high-end producer of American-made acoustic guitars--and he always had high praise for their instruments. I'm sure our dialog is in comp.cad.microstation to this day.

    And then there's Bubba. I explained to a new MicroStation user recently that the PLTs (old client) are read-only, lest Bubba open them and start futzing with the innards, and mess everything up. "Who's Bubba?" I had to add more to the explanation. Sadly there are few references to Bubba anywhere online, but as I recall, Bubba was the Bart Simpson of Keith Little's MicroStation instruction, the foil to Keith's carefully laid-out instructions, perhaps the original author of MicroStation Tricks.

    Keith: you may have passed and Bubba may be alive and well, but thanks to you we know how to thwart Bubba, if not all the time--but that's how we learn. Hopefully we'll play guitar together some day. RIP.

  • We had a shelf full of Keith's Microstation books - always informative, detailed, and humorous. You could just tell he was an upbeat guy.  If there was a new book, we would buy it. Was fun to chat with Keith at the user group conferences (which certainly dates me). Just a great guy and I am sorry to hear of his passing.

    I wonder if anyone else remembers the "Moo Menu" prank.

  • me too Sabastian...only mine was Matthew 5:9

  • Great person, well knowledge, great books and great teacher. I love his bible verses in front of his books with his signatures and my first book from him said  " Sabastian have fun but be careful!" with his signature and bible verse Phil 4:4. (so true). I will miss him.... RIP Keith Little.

    Sabastian Thompson

  • It was my great pleasure to get Keith to put his books on line as ebooks...last year at the end of 2013 and see them up and running soon after... he was a great guy and will be missed..

    if anyone could forward me his home  family details I really would like to pass on my condolences as I only have his personal email address .. which probably wont reach them now...

    email me details off line at