• Hypermodeling - Instructions for Use

    simple instructions:

    1. place a callout symbol on a drawing document or in a 3D model.  Name the callout, in the subsequent dialog box.

    2. Drag and drop the named callout from the project explorer list onto a drawing document to express the drawing (to display that view of the project model on the document).

    3. Add drawing detail as required along with notes, dimensions and any other vector or raster embellishments…

    • Wed, Jun 30 2010
  • Hypermodeling

    A Hypermodel infuses the project’s documentation into the 3D model, automatically.


    • The 3D model is infused on demand, automatically and comprehensively, with the clarifying remarks and graphics of the project’s documentation, the very documentation with which the project team has exerted itself clarifying the project.
    This invention…
    • Sun, Jun 20 2010