• Your MESSAGE! (Peter Sellers)

    Students don't care, anymore, really, about modeling (with or without "properties") or drafting tools. They are all (nearly) commodities.

    Students care (as they should) about "representation". The same is true for professionals.

    In the world today, representation media, both drawing documents, and models, are deficient, not adequately fulfilling their intended purpose (communication).

    This is what…

    • Fri, Jun 10 2011
  • Construction without Drawings (old-school new-school)

    I think the concept changes somewhat now. Our goal is no longer (I used to share that goal too) Construction without Drawings.

    It is now construction through rich communication media that puts the essential remarks and graphics of the drawings INTO the 3D model where they are easier to understand more thoroughly than as stand alone drawings, and where the model is clarified as required by these drawings (which ARE intended…

    • Fri, Jun 10 2011
  • Steel is a partial exception


    Steel is the one discipline that can come very close to total completion of a 3D model, but even there, such totally complete 3D models benefit from the clarifications that come from hypermodeling the project’s structural document set INTO the 3D model, so that what was said in the drawing documents about specific locations in the steel can now be seen in-place in the 3D model, automatically, on demand…
    • Wed, Jun 8 2011