• A start of things

    A drawing defines a location of reliability within an environment, but it leaves out the environment. So it is insufficient. 

    A model defines an environment, but omits designating locations of reliability. So it is insufficient. 

    Either of these on its own, is no longer sufficient. Communication must be elevated and made clearer. The two must be combined, just as sound and film were combined in the 1920s. Jack Warner of Warner…

    • Sun, Sep 23 2012
  • A new kind of documentation

    The blog post hereincludes:

    • background discussion of visual media describing essential characteristics of drawings and models (as media)
    • an introduction of new forms of combinant environmental media that keep intact within them the provision for the authored directive visual statement
    • links to research developments extending the concept further

    Any evaluation of modeling should now include an assessment of what…

    • Fri, Sep 14 2012
  • A frontier in visual communication

    Visual media. Let’s talk about it.  In the design and construction professions we are familiar with the visual media commonly used: drawings and models. Of course we also understand that visual media extend beyond architecture, engineering, and construction. Recent innovations now appear to open a new frontier of potential significance not only in the design and construction professions, but also for visual communication…

    • Wed, Sep 12 2012